Pickaboo Affiliate Program

Make Money By Becoming A Pickaboo Affiliate!

Pickaboo Affiliate Program is an Affiliate program of Pickaboo.com which helps you make money by driving traffic or visitor to Pickaboo website. Each time your affiliate link brings a customer that completes a successful purchase; you will earn a percentage of each sale.


How Do You Earn Money At Pickaboo.com?


  • Joining Pickaboo Affiliate Program:  Pickaboo Affiliate Program is completely free to join. By joining this program, you will receive up to 5% commission for every successful purchase by your redirected visitor from your Platform (Website / Blog / Video Channel / Social Media Account). A simple, fast and easy solution for web owners, bloggers, YouTubers, and social media users to make money.

  • Advertise Product Links on Your Platform: You do not have to be an Affiliation Expert to be able to do this. Simply choose a Product of your choice from our Website, copy the Affiliate Link URL and Paste it on your Platform (Website / Blog / Video Channel / Social Media Account) as per the Pickaboo Affiliate Program policies, terms and conditions

  • Bring Traffic or Visitor to Pickaboo: Visitors of your Platform (Website / Blog / Video Channel / Social Media Account) must be motivated to click on the Pickaboo website link posted on your Platform, and each redirection shall be recorded in your registered Pickaboo Affiliate Account.

  • Get Paid if Customers Make a Purchase: For every complete purchase made by any redirected visitor from your Platform (Website / Blog / Video Channel / Social Media Account), you shall receive up to 5% commission. Start earning big with a commission on each and every successful transaction. Also enjoy fast payments with a large selection of payment systems.


What You Need To Have To Get Started?

  1. Your own Website / Blog / Video (e.g. YouTube) Channel / Social Media (e.g. Facebook) Account

  2. Bank Account or bKash Account


What Affiliate Tools Available At Pickaboo?

Whatever your business model, Pickaboo Affiliate Program has an extensive range of tools available to help you improve your campaigns, ranging from simple links and banners to putting listings on your own site. You can also use the API to access Pickaboo features and listings, and present them in a customized format.

  • Product Links and Banners

  • Promotional Banners & Widgets


What About Affiliate Performance Reports?

Our real-time affiliate performance reports provide extensive data and insights about the activity of your links, traffics, revenues, earnings, conversion rates, and performance across all categories that empower you to optimize your platform (Website / Blog / Video Channel / Social Media Account) performance. Learn more about your visitors and identify their preferences. What types of links motivate your visitors to click the link? What other types of products do they purchase from Pickaboo.com? Our up-to-date reports ensure you have the information you need to maximize the earning potential of your campaigns.


What Is The Commission Structure?

The Pickaboo Affiliate Program has the most generous affiliate commision structure among all eCommerce websites in Bangladesh. Earnings vary by the product category of the items sold and by the account status of customers. Here is the complete list of updated commission structure for all categories of products available on Pickaboo.com:








Feature Phones


Mobile & Tablet Accessories






Computer Accessories


Apple Macs


Apple Accessories




Security Systems


Home Appliances


Kitchen Appliances




Video Players & Systems


Audio Players & Systems


Gaming Consoles, Accessories, & CDs


Fitness Products


Grooming Products




Health Care Devices


Daily Needs














Baby Care


Bag & Backpacks




Sales Share: For every successful sale made by Pickaboo, the Affiliate shall receive commission upto 5% on every successful sale.

How you will be paid

Payment Procedure: Payment for the due month shall be made within the first 15 days of the following month. For example, if the commission is due for the month of June, the Affiliate shall receive the total due amount within the first 15 days of July.

Payment Method: During registration for the Affiliate Program, you can choose your preferred payment method. Pickaboo will pay the due commission through the following methods:

  • Bank Transfer: If you prefer Bank Transfer, then provide the required details in the relevant fields during registration..

  • Bkash: And lastly, Affiliates can also receive their commissions through Bkash by providing requirethe d details in the relevant fields during registration.



  • Free Sign Up / Registration: It's completely free to join! There is no sign up / registration fee involved in joining the Pickaboo Affiliate Program, or participating in other activities in it.

  • Contributing Opportunity: If you don’t have your own website / blog / video channel / social media accounts than you can contribute your write ups / infographics / photographics / videographics and earn commissions if products are sold through your submitted piece/s which will be publish, post, and promote under your name on our website, blog, video channel, and social media page.

  • Varieties of Renowned Brands: You will find amazing mobile and electronic brands on Pickaboo offering a wide array of original products with official brand warranty.

  • Multiple Affiliate Tools: We offer a wide range of product links and banners, promotional banners & widgets, an automatically updated product feed, a range of special promotions, and a variety of attractive banner ads, which you can promote through your website pages, blog articles, social media posts and channel videos.

  • Commission Structure: Affiliate commission rate structure upto 5% reward successful affiliate transactions.

  • Analytics & Reports: You will get necessary data and useful insight from our easy-to-understand analytics and reports prepared toward measuring and improving performance of your platform and campaign.

  • Affiliate Support: We have Dedicated affiliate account management team to help you maximize earnings.


Terms & Conditions

Before you sign up to become a Pickaboo Affiliate Member, read and agree to our Pickaboo Affiliate Program terms and conditions:

  1. Pickaboo hold the right to make changes to the affiliate commission rates (at any time without prior notice).

  2. Exclude certain products / categories from earning affiliate commission.

  3. Increase or decrease the commission rate on specific products / categories.

  4. We may also run special / limited-time offers or promotions under which you may earn commissions on products / categories that were previously excluded from earning commissions or you may not earn commissions on products / categories that were previously included in earning commissions, or you may earn increased / decreased affiliate commissions from those set forth above.

  5. You will not receive any affiliate commission for activities done on the following: Sign Up to Pickaboo.com Account, Value Added Services, Mobile App Installation (both Direct as well as Fallback), and/or any other products / services / categories notified by us.

  6. In case a customer applies a “Gift Card Code” to purchase a product, then the Commission shall be calculated on the basis of the reduced Selling Price of the product, after the application of such “Gift Card Code”.

  7. No additional service tax will be paid by Pickaboo.com on the affiliate commission.

We'll be in touch

Once we receive your application, a team member will follow up to answer any questions you may have.

Hands-on help

We'll provide you with guideline & technical support, how-to videos, and a monthly earnings report. You can also contact with Pickaboo at affiliate@Pickaboo.com