How to bid on ‘Sports for Life’ website:

  1. Choose an item you want to bid for
  2. Click on that item
  3. See the Base Price/ Current Bid Price
  4. Place your: OFFER on the ‘BID NOW’ box. You can offer several times to become the winner.

Auction rules:

  1. Commencement of Bidding: Bidding starts when is posted and continues
    for 72 to 96 hours from the post time.
  2. When the bidding will be ended, it will be closed automatically. Once bidding stops, we will go with highest bidder.
  3. Once we receive confirmation of deposit, we will announce the winner.
  4. The winning bidder must deposit offered amount to Pickaboo’s Account in 48 hrs (For below BDT 300,000 winner can pay through cards. For above BDT 300,000 winner will pay BDT 300,000 through cards and rest amount will pay through Bank transfer).
  5. If the auction winner did not contact or reply to Sports for Life, we reserve the right to handover the item(s) to the next highest bidder.
  6. Item will be handed over asap (subjected to the availability of cricketers and/or lock down situation).
  7. The winner will bear shipping cost - of course this will depend where the winner lives. We will ship the item to the winner after the confirmation of the payment for shipping cost.
  8. No return, no exchange policy applies.
  9. No back-outs, no cancellations.
  10. Once you offer the item, ‘Sports for Life’ has every right to auction it off.
  11. We will verify the bids made by the potential collectors. If found any discrepancy or fake bid, the account and the bid both will be removed. We hold the right to make any change anytime.
  12. We request everyone not make fake bids.