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EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) Facility

EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is one of the payment methods of online shopping, only for the customers using any of the accepted Credit Cards on Pickaboo.com.* It allows customers to pay for their ordered products in easy equal monthly installments.*

Pickaboo has introduced a convenient option of choosing up to 36 months EMI facility for customers who use Credit Cards for buying specific items like mobile phones & tablets, laptops, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, beauty, lifestyle, home decor and many other products. The duration and extent of the EMI options available for a given product, will be visible on the product’s view page. EMI plans are also viewable on the checkout page in the Payment Information section.


  • Customers wanting to avail EMI facility must have a Credit Card from any one of the banks in the table below.

  • EMI facilities are only available for Specific Products which costs over BDT 5,000.

  • EMI charges may vary on promotional offers.

  • Pickaboo may charge additional convenience fee if the customer extends the period of EMI offered.

  • EMI facilities vary from one product type to another. Please carefully check the EMI tenure period for your preferred product on each product page and on the checkout page as well.

You can pay with equal monthly installment payment option using the Credit Card of any of the following banks:

Bank NameAccepted Card Type
The City BankAmerican Express
Standard Chartered BankVISA/Master
Eastern BankVISA/Master
BRAC BankVISA/Master
LankaBangla FinanceVISA/Master
Trust BankVISA/Master
United Commercial BankVISA/Master
Southeast BankVISA/Master
Dutch Bangla BankVISA/Master
Jamuna BankVISA/Master
Midland BankVISA/Master
Meghna BankVISA/Master
Al-Arafah Islami BankVISA/Master
Mutual Trust BankVISA/Master
NRB BankVISA/Master
Premier BankVISA/Master
Standard BankVISA/Master
Bank AsiaVISA/Master
NCC BankVISA/Master
Dhaka Bank LimitedVISA/Master
One Bank LimitedVISA/Master
Social Islami Bank LimitedVISA/Master
NRB Commercial BankVISA/Master
Prime BankVISA/Master
Mercantile BankVISA/Master
Shahjalal Islami BankVISA/Master
South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Limited (SBAC)VISA/Master
Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLCVISA/Master
Community Bank Bangladesh LimitedVISA/Master
Pubali Bank LimitedVISA/Master
AB Bank LimitedVISA/Master
Modhumoti Bank LimitedVISA/Master



  • Different Banks offer different EMI tenure periods as per their own bank policy and each respective bank policy shall apply.

If your desired product is eligible for EMI option, according to its respective product page, and if you have a Credit Card from any of the associated banks which are mentioned above, you can get EMI facility on your purchased product. During the checkout phase, you will see the EMI options for your eligible cards, banks and EMI Tenures.

Using EMI as a Payment Method

If you want to purchase a product with EMI then simply follow these steps -

Step 1

  • Select the desired product.

  • Click on "Buy Now"

  • Log In with your Account or create new one.
login or create an account

Step 2

  • Check your item details at the “Shopping Cart” page.

  • Then click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” .

Pickaboo Shopping Cart
  • Select your address or add new address.

  • Choose your Shipping Method.

Shipping Method
    • Provide your Payment Information.

        • Select “EMI” option

        • Select Your Bank.

        • Choose “Pay Online” or “Card On Delivery”

        • Click “PLACE ORDER”.

EMI Payment
  • In case of “Card on Delivery”, you will be directed to your confirmation page.

  • In Case of “Online Payment”, it will redirect you to our secure payment gateway.

Step 4

      • After completing you will be directed to a “Successful Order” Notification on the page.

      • And you will also get a “Successful Order” Text Message on your mobile phone.

EMI Transaction Procedure with Your Bank:

EMI Payment on Credit Card:

      • As soon as you complete your purchase order on Pickaboo, you will see the full amount charged on your credit card.

      • You must Sign and Complete the EMI form and submit it at Pickaboo within 3 working days.

      • Once Pickaboo receives this signed document from the customer, then it shall be submitted to the concerned bank to commence the EMI process.

      • The EMI processing will be handled by the bank itself *. After 5-7 working days, your bank will convert this into EMI.

      • From your next billing cycle, you will be charged the EMI amount and your credit limit will be reduced by the outstanding amount.

      • If you do not receive an updated monthly bank statement reflecting your EMI transactions for the following month, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

*For example, if you have made a 3-month EMI purchase of BDT 30,000 and your credit limit is BDT 1, 00,000 then your bank will block your credit limit by BDT 30,000 and thus your available credit limit after the purchase will only be BDT 70,000. As and when you pay your EMI every month, your credit limit will be released accordingly.


      • EMI facilities with the aforesaid Banks are regulated as per their terms and conditions and these terms may vary from one bank to another.

For any query or concern please contact your issuing bank, if your purchase has not been converted to EMI by 7 working days of your transaction date.