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Pickaboo is proud to bring you Temp, an exclusive service that allows you to have access to a replacement/temporary phone while we fix your old one. No more will you have to ask your friends or family to spare you an extra phone while yours is being serviced.

Pickaboo will ensure that the customer receives a phone similar to their own, to be used while their phone is with us/service center for servicing purposes. Whether it is a feature phone, a mid-range phone or any other smart phone, we guarantee your needs and priorities will not be compromised. Currently, we are only offering this exclusive service for only phones but soon all electronic appliances will also have the same service.

Frequently asked questions about the TEMP Service.

1. How do I check if Temp is available for the product I want serviced?

Temp services are currently only available for customers residing within Dhaka city on selected products in the following categories: Smartphones / Mobiles.

2. What should be the condition of my used product that is to be serviced?

  • The Mobile you are returning must be in workable condition. Please check our Terms & Conditions page for more details.
  • You must have the original Customer Invoice for purchase at Pickaboo.
  • The product must have a valid Warranty period.
  • The display / screen of the Used Mobile should be intact, that is without any scratches, cracks, discoloration, spots, lines, dead pixels, or any other damage of any manner.
  • You must remove any scratch-guard, screen-guard, tempered-glass, back case or other protective covering applied to the screen of the Used Mobile device.
  • The Used Mobile should match the claims made on the form while requesting for the Temp Service. The claims will be cross checked and validated by Pickaboo’s personnel.

3. What about my personal data on my phone?

You must delete all the data on your device and sign out of your iCloud (iOS) / Google (Android) accounts, social media accounts, bank account access or any other personal access. In addition, any lock code or password must also be removed prior to releasing the Used Mobile before handing it over to the Pickaboo Personnel.  Pickaboo, the seller, the buyback partner, the future buyer or the manufacturer will not be responsible for any data that may be retained on the used product, and you cannot approach any of the above parties for any retrieval or deletion of the data from your used product.


If you fail to successfully sign out of all/any accounts as enumerated above, Pickaboo shall not take any responsibility to act on your behalf or be responsible for any unauthorized activity (if any).

4. The battery of my phone is dead and the device only turns on when connected to a charger, will my device be accepted under the Temp service?

We do not accept such devices (if the battery of the device is dead and it turns on when connected to a charger) under the Temp services.

5. Do I need to provide original accessories and packaging for my used product?

It is preferred that you provide your used product with all original accessories and packaging. However, it is not mandatory. You may avail the Temp Serviceswithout the original accessories and packaging, provided your used product meets all the other above requirements.

6. How do I send my used product to Pickaboo?

Pickaboo provides cost free delivery for Temp services where Pickaboo’s personnel will pick up the used product with a temporary replacement Phone, from your preferred address and deliver the same when your used phone is serviced. This service is subjected to the used product matching with the details and conditions entered at the time of placing the request for Temp.

7. Can I service more than one used product?

No, you can request for only one used product.

8. Can I service a different product from the one described by me at the time of placing the order?

No, once the order is placed, you can only service the used product that was described at the time of placing the order. The Temp replacement phone’s value is applied based on the details of the used product that were entered by you. If the details entered do not match the used product that is handed over for replacement at the time of delivery, the order and delivery of the new product will be cancelled.

9. When can I get my used product back?

Once your used mobile has been picked up from you, the Temp process may take about 7-10 working days depending on the brand of the used phone. Upon completion of the service, Pickaboo shall contact the customer and deliver the used Phone at their desired premises and retrieve the temporary replacement phone.

10. Is there a list of used products that can be serviced?

The used products accepted under the Temp serviceare Mobiles and Smartphones bought from Pickaboo.