DiamondProtect Hightech Smartphone Display Protection

DiamondProtect Hightech Smartphone Display Protection

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DiamondProtect Hightech Smartphone Display Protection

DiamondProtect uses space technology, which is employed to make the material more resistant. DiamondProtect ill ike a second skin on your device that protects it. This reduces the risk of breakage and scratches to a minimum.DiamondProtect is very easy to use due to the Nano Liquid applied with a cloth.

Easy Cleaning

Thanks to DiamondProtect blurry displays are a thing of the past. With just a wipe, annoying fingerprints are gone.

Antibacterial Effect

DiamondProtect is a wafer-thin-nano-coating protector which prevents the formation of bacteria and germs.

Absolutely Invisible

DiamondProtect is 100% invisible and cannot be felt. No shine and no reflection in the sun.

100% No Air Bubbles

Unlike traditional screen protectors, DiamondProtect sits like a skin on your device and is therefore 100% free of bubbles.

Protection Against Splashes

DiamondProtect protects against minimal accidental spills to the surface, because water droplets drip off immediately from the surface.

Scratch Protection

Using applied space technology, which makes the material more resistant, the display more resistant to scratches.

Steps of Using this.

Cleaning: Please use the cleaning cloth from the packet that says „Step 1“ for thorough cleaning of your device. Ensure that the entire surface is clean. Polish your device with the microfibre cloth, after the cleaning fluid has dried. Ensure that all residues have been removed.

Sealing: For applying the sealing use the sealing cloth from the packet that says „Step 2“. Apply the seal to your device slowly and evenly, until the sealing cloth does not give off any more liquid.

DiamondProtect Hightech Smartphone Display Protection in Bangladesh


Drying: After your device has been dry for 10 minutes, polish it again with the microfibre cloth until the surface shines. The coating takes 12 hours to achieve maximum strength. Please do not use the device for this period of time.

How does DiamondProtect work?

DiamondProtect employs Space technology, which is used to make material more resistant. The surface of the device is protected by means of this nanotechnology and by the manipulation of atomic structures. DiamondProtect is like a second skin on your device in order to protect it. In this way, the risk of breakage and scratches is reduced to a minimum.

Screen protector for iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s

Increasingly, it is reported that the Touch ID (fingerprint sensor) on the iPhone does not work. This can have various causes, such as a screen protector that affects the functionality of the Touch ID. You can apply DiamondProtect, on the other hand, to the whole device without having to fear that any functions are impaired. DiamondProtect is like a second skin on your smartphone, and it is also absolutely invisible and cannot be felt. Neither the fingerprint sensor nor the camera or other functions are affected by it. DiamondProtect is therefore a good alternative to traditional screen protectors, because in addition to ease of use, no functionality is impaired.

Screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

In addition to the new televisions in curved design, the appearance of our smartphones is also changing over time. Including the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with rounded edges. A simple protective film or tempered glass cannot therefore be used on this smartphone. So what options do we have for a screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Quite simply – DiamondProtect. Because DiamondProtect is applied with a sealing cloth soaked in liquid glass. This means that every part of the smartphone is protected. The back can also be protected by DiamondProtect and thus the resale value is increased.

How does DiamondProtect work?

Our goal with DiamondProtect was to protect valuables such as smartphones, tablets, watches, glasses and many other products. We have succeeded in our aim thanks to the nanotechnology which is already used in Space technology to make material more resistant. No matter what type of media device you have, whether large or small – when a glass surface is present, our product DiamondProtect was developed to protect it and increase its longevity.
Over 2 billion people worldwide own a smartphone, and also the number of people who wear glasses is increasing significantly. In Germany, one in every three people is shortsighted. Everyone knows how vulnerable to damage these glass surfaces become over the years. Thanks to our nano Display protection, it is, however, possible for us to make these and other devices and products up to 600% tougher and more resistant to breakage and scratches.
Because DiamondProtect is simply applied with a cloth soaked in liquid glass, it can be used for all kinds of devices and not just for those of a particular shape. Nowadays, almost every device has its own shape and size, and instead of being constantly on the lookout for suitable protective layers or cases, you can simply use DiamondProtect.

What is a nano screen protector?

Using nanotechnology, the atomic structures are manipulated and tiny molecules form a micro liquid glass layer that cannot be seen with the naked eye. This is so dense that it protects the surfaces from abrasion and scratches. In addition, the surface is also hydrophobic or water-repellent. However, your device will not be waterproof because DiamondProtect cannot prevent water from getting into the openings. At the same time however, the molecular structures are so tightly knit that germs and bacteria are unable to penetrate. Fingerprints can be removed easily with a quick wipe-over. In addition, the DiamondProtect surface repels even oil and other dirt.

Is liquid glass harmful?

People are usually more careful with a new and unfamiliar product, and so we can completely understand the question of whether liquid glass is harmful. We can, however, reassure you! Various tests were able to guarantee the safety of DiamondProtect. Nevertheless, contact with eyes and mouth should be avoided. DiamondProtect is not a toy and does not belong in the hands of children. Every time you apply DiamondProtect, you should wash your hands afterwards.

Is one pack of DiamondProtect enough?

One pack of DiamondProtect is sufficient for all smartphones and tablets up to 10.1 inch screen size. Tablets such as the Sony Xperia Z4, Samsung Galaxy S3 Tab or Huawei MediaPad M2 have a 10.1 display. For almost all iPads a single pack of DiamondProtect would also be sufficient. Only the iPad Pro with a 12.9 screen would need 2 packs of DiamondProtect. For larger surfaces more packs must be bought depending on size. Please note that a pack of DiamondProtect cannot be used more than once. The sealing cloth must be applied until it is dry and can therefore only be used a single time.



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