OTO e-Lux (EL-868) - Back Massage Seat for Home & Car

OTO e-Lux (EL-868) - Back Massage Seat for Home & Car

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Availability: Out of stock

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OTO e-Lux EL-868 - Back Massage Seat for Home & Car 

Prepare to sit back, relax and unwind! The OTO e-Lux delivers shiatsu and rolling massage on your back. Designed with special rollers that act like knuckles on a human hand, this device releases pressure in the muscles and acupoints along your spine, truly revitalizing your senses! When the massage is combined with heat therapy, the blissful sense of well-being just feels oh-so-good. Now you can experience luxurious massage wherever you are. The OTO e-Lux can turn most chairs into a mini massage chair – even in a car.

  • 4 finger massage, 8 modes, 15 variations.
  • Massage: Massage roller moves up and down the back, awakening each nerve, relaxing muscles.
  • Kneading massage straight through the back acupuncture points to relieve stress.
  • Warm massage helps promote blood circulation..
  • product name: OTO waist back pine.
  • Product number: EL-868+A2.
  • Product Category: Back massager.
  • power consumption: 42W.
  • Voltage input: AC 100-240V / 50-60Hz.
  • Automatic timing: 15 minutes.
  • Product Size: 760 (long) x 150 (wide) x 470 (height) mm.
  • Color box size: 760 (long) x 165 (wide) x 480 (height) mm.
  • Net weight: About 5.0 kg.
  • International safety standards: CE.

Prepare To Sit Back, Relax & Unwind!

If you are suffering from acute back and leg ache and you are looking for a long-term pain relief then the OTO EL-868 E-Lux (Home & Car Use) Massager could be the apt solution for you. This device works gently on your body through programmable massage options to alleviate back pain and soothe muscle soreness, thus giving you a comforting experience. The powerful kneading device has dimensions of 760 x 150 x 470 mm. To enjoy a lavish back massage, simply hop on to the OTO EL-868 E-Lux (Home & Car Use) Massager and push the start button to untangle the rigid and weary muscles.

OTO e-Lux (EL-868+A2) in Bangladesh

Your Mini-Massage Chair:

The OTO e-Lux turns any chair into a mini massage chair, enabling you to enjoy the rolling and kneading massage that simulates the human hands of a masseuse while you are in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. Shiatsu massage on your back releases energy blockages and reintroduces the optimal flow of energy or “qi”. Rolling massage helps reduce stress and improves your blood circulation. The healing properties of heat therapy provide added pain relief and relaxation. With these unique, programmable features that can be tailored to individual needs and wants, the OTO e-Lux delivers deep muscle and tissue relaxation while calming your senses, improving your general well-being and simply making you feel oh-so-good! Whether you are at home or in the office, get ready to enjoy a luxurious back massage by the OTO e-Lux.

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Crafted With Comfort:

This massager consists of 5 Adjustable Width of Rollers that act like knuckles on a human hand which exert pressure along your back and on the acupressure points along your spine, truly invigorating your senses and releasing your knotted muscles. Making it convenient to use even while travelling, this modern massager comes with car comfort. This feature makes provision for luxurious massage even while you are on the move. With the help of the car adaptor, you could fit in your handy massage seat. Providing maximum comfort, this trendy massage chair gradually increases blood and lymphatic circulation in your body.

Remote Controlled For Perfection:

With special rollers designed to release pressure and induce a complete sense of well-being along your back, utmost relaxation and stress relief to your muscles. Rolling and kneading massage options deliver a penetrating massage to the acupressure points at your back. Heat therapy is also available to provide pain relief. More importantly, the OTO Massage Seat improve blood and lymphatic circulation and alleviates low-back pain and soothes muscle soreness. Spot massage is built-in for targeting specific areas to relieve pain and soreness.


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