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Furqan Nafi

Great Smartphone

After my old mobile phone, I went in search of a good replacement. As a computer science student, I need the device again and again for testing but above all a device that does what it should without frills.

4k resolution or 20% extra power are all things that look great on the sheet but are mostly superfluous - the Nokia Mobile seems to be more pragmatic because I like it.

The Nokia 3.1 smartphone did not disappoint me. The processing speed is good with MediaTek Helio P22 processor, Android One OS is smooth and stable, the cell phone quality is fine. It is pleasing that the codec does not change constantly - as I like to walk around on the phone, fluctuations in the reception often led to changes of the codec. The Nokia remains constant. In short, a well vereibetetes, well-balanced smartphone in the low price range.

This is Good Because:
- Excellent processed
- Android One no-frills
- Runs smoothly and stable
- Good battery life (about 1 week, low-telephony, flight mode at night)
- Dual Sim
- SD slot

I am Neutral of this phone because:
- Sharp, bright display (neutral resolution lower than other devices)
- Mediocre phone quality, but consistent and easy to understand
- High format (slightly thinner, but higher than comparable devices.) The advantage in reading, a disadvantage when surfing.
- Constant focal length (no zoom) of the front camera (needs that?)
- The rear camera takes good pictures, which are boring for most people due to the sterile white balance. I prefer that as the "whitewashing" of some other devices - in post-processing better manageable. If I want to take pictures seriously I'll take the mirror reflex anyway.

I am against because of:
- Some comparable devices in the price range have faster chips and higher resolution

Clear purchase recommendation on my part afterall is a Nokia Mobile Brand, a giant cell phone brand.

Tanvir Tomal

Nokia 3.1 is a Nice Mobile Phone

Nokia 3.1 Plus smartphone looks and feels good. It has a large screen. with incredible battery life. Android One OS os cool. But the camera and phone performance is average not so good. Overall it's s nokia brand phone.

2 Item(s)

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