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Pickaboo is proud to bring you “TEMP” an exclusive service that allows you to have access to a replacement/temporary phone while we fix your old one. No more will you have to ask your friends or family to spare you an extra phone while yours is being serviced.

Pickaboo will ensure that the customer receives a phone similar to their own, to be used while their phone is with us/service center for servicing purposes. Whether it is a feature phone, a mid-range phone or any other smart phone, we guarantee your needs and priorities will not be compromised. Currently, we are only offering this exclusive service for only phones but soon all electronic appliances will also have the same service.

TEMP services are available on selected products in the following categories: Smartphones / Mobiles.

Eligibility & Terms and Conditions: This service is open to all who have purchased any phone from Pickaboo, subject to the following Terms and Conditions below:

  • All customers of Pickaboo, new and existing are eligible to avail and enjoy the Temp service, as long as they have bought their Mobile/Smartphone from Pickaboo.
  • Temp services are currently available only within customers residing in Dhaka City.
  • The Phone must be within their Warranty Period. Please visit our Warranty Policy page for more information.
  • Pickaboo reserves the right not to accept to reject phones that are broken, water damaged, tempered with or any other alterations made to the original phone. All Used Mobile phones must be in workable condition i.e. Phones not powering on will be accepted by Pickaboo as it is not externally damaged.
  • In an event where Pickaboo accepts any Used Mobile Phone which is water damaged, has broken screen or is not powering on then the customer must pay an advance deposit amounting to BDT 5000 up to 20,000 depending on the replacement Phone provided from Temp. The deposit amount will be refunded back to the customer, at the time of delivery once the Used Mobile is serviced by Temp.
  • The Phone must be in working condition.
  • The display / screen of the Used Mobile should be intact, that is without any scratches, cracks, discoloration, spots, lines, dead pixels, or any other damage of any manner.
  • You must remove any scratch-guard, screen-guard, tempered-glass, back case or other protective covering applied to the screen of the Used Mobile device.
  • The TEMP services must be initiated by calling Pickaboo Customer Care Services at +8809666745745.
  • Pickaboo will not repair any defective phone or any part thereof
    • caused by undue wear and tear; or
    • due to negligence, omission or mishandling of the mobile phone; or
    • due to alteration or repair made without authorization of Pickaboo or authorized service centers; or
    • if the SIM lock has already been altered or tampered by other unauthorized person(s); or
    • If the Customer fails to provide the invoice for the purchase of the mobile phone.
  • During the provision of the replacement device, the customer is considered the holder and is liable for any damage caused to the replacement phone
  • During the provision of the replacement phone, the customer is also liable for any damage, loss, or destruction of the replacement phone, whatever the cause of the damage, except if such damage, loss or destruction is attributable to a fault by Pickaboo.
  • Pickaboo will not take any responsibility for the Replacement Phone if it is damaged, broken or altered in any way other than the original condition it was at the time of being received by the customer.
  • If any damage, harm or alterations are found on the Replacement Phone at the time of Customers Phone delivery, the Customer will have to pay damages to Pickaboo as deemed reasonable by the company, damages maybe up to 80% price of the replacement device
  • By availing the Temp services, the customer shall be deemed to have read all the Terms and Conditions contained herein and accepted them.
  • Once Pickaboo personnel arrives to pick up the Phone to be serviced, the customer must sign a form acknowledging that s/he have received a Replacement Phone for the duration their Phone is in service. S/he will also have agreed not to damage, break, harm or alter the Replacement Phone in any way or form.
  • Once the Customer’s Phone has been serviced, Pickaboo’s personnel will deliver the Phone to his/her home and retrieve the Replacement Phone for which the Customer must also sign a release form acknowledging the exchange and accepting it.
  • Pickaboo Temp services are free of delivery cost. There will be no Pick Up or Delivery free charged from the Customer.
  • Pickaboo can change the hereinabove Terms and Conditions at any time without giving any prior notice.

Personal DATA

You must delete all the data on your device and sign out of your iCloud (iOS) / Google (Android) accounts, social media accounts, bank account access or any other personal access. In addition, any lock code or password must also be removed prior to releasing the Used Mobile. Before handing it over to the Pickaboo Personnel.  Pickaboo, the seller, the buyback partner, the future buyer or the manufacturer will not be responsible for any data that may be retained on the used product, and you cannot approach any of the above parties for any retrieval or deletion of the data from your used product.


If you fail to successfully sign out of all/any accounts as enumerated above, Pickaboo shall not take any responsibility to act on your behalf or be responsible for any unauthorized activity (if any).


Once your used mobile has been picked up from you, the Temp process may take about 7-10 working days depending on the brand of the used phone. Upon completion of the service, Pickaboo shall contact the customer and deliver the used Phone at their desired premises and retrieve the temporary replacement phone.


Pickaboo may give notices to customers for various occasions, including but not limited to, cessation of the Temp Service, addition or deduction of any feature of the service, changes or alterations in the code of conduct, method of delivery, in its sole discretion.


Any failure by Pickaboo to enforce any provision of this Terms and Conditions shall not be construed as a continuing waiver of any rights under such provision. In the event that any portion of these Terms and Conditions is held unenforceable, the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect.


In the event any customer breaches the Terms and Conditions, or if, any claims are made against Pickaboo (its employees, officers or directors resulting from the customers actions), the customer shall be liable to Pickaboo for all damages, costs, judgments, expenses (including reasonable legal fees) which it incurs.

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of Bangladesh and the Parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Bangladesh.